iPhone 5s Screen Repair – This is how its done

iPhone 5s screens are finally coming down in price making it an option (although still currently expensive) to repair the screen. The finger print scanner makes the repair a bit more trickier than its predecessors but here at Altrincham PC & Mobile a challenge is just another opportunity to further our skills. We pride ourselves at being one of the best at iPhone repairs with over 1,000 phones repaired to date and counting. If you are interested in the process you can see the our 7 staging of the repair: Stage 1 – Completely shattered screen. As the phone arrives, the phone is checked for other faults before starting the repair process. Stage 2 – Separation of the vacuumed sealed unit. Using special tools, we are able to separate the phone LCD from its housing without making so much as a mark. Stage 3 – Detachment of the screen and joining cable membrane. Carefully separating the micro fine cables from the logic board so that no parts or connectors are damaged in the process. Stage 4 – Re-assembling of the finger print sensor mechanism and other parts such as the ear speaker onto the new screen assembly. All parts must fit perfectly back into place. Stage 5 – Re-assembly of the LCD unit to the logic board controller. Carefully placing the connectors back on the mainboard. Stage 6 – Re-vacuum sealed screen attachment. Tightly sealing the unit back to factory standards. Stage 7 – That new phone feeling. Nothing quite beats the feel of a new phone, and having a repair done by us, we let you re-visit that feeling it’s bliss.  

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