Cloud Backup

CloudBackupCloud backup solutions could save your business!

We are all aware of the damage viruses and data corruption can cause to your business, not having a backup solution in place is quite a common thing, and has also been known to closes businesses overnight. What would happen to your business if your computer or server was to get stolen ? Thats the reality of what could happen to anyone, it might not be your computers get stolen but if your computer died of a severe hardware failure, its not always possible to retreat all your information back. There are also an increasing amount of Ransomware threats  that can lock your data an encryption key that destroys your data in a matter of days with no chance of getting it back.

So how do we tackle this? what is the solution?

The fact is there isn’t a single solution that covers everyone, you all run your businesses in different ways and here at PC Mobile we have spent years not only implementing systems but also witnessing when disasters happen. If you are worried about backup or are looking for a solution (even some free advice), give us a call and we will put you in touch with one of our specialists. Tel . 0161 928 3636.

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